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Adapted Certificate in Online Teaching

Summer 2021

The Adapted Certificate to Online Teaching is a series of courses that assesses prior learning and online teaching experience and ensures a teacher candidate meets proficiency in all National Standards for Quality Online Teaching. The program consists of 1) an Experiential Portfolio to Online Teaching in which participants use their prior knowledge and experience teaching to document proficiency in many of the National Online Teaching Standards through the use of artifacts and reflection culminating in a portfolio, 2) Bridge the Gap to Online Teaching in which participants will address the gaps between their knowledge and performance in online teaching, as demonstrated in the portfolio they created in the Experiential Portfolio to Online Teaching class, and 3) the Applied Practicum to Online Teaching, in which participants will prepare, initiate, and deploy online learning for students under the supervision of an experienced collaborating teacher. 


Course Details

PD Hours: 135

Program Length: 36 Weeks

Course Delivery: Facilitated Online