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The Adapted Certificate to Online Teaching is a series of courses that assists any teachers who are currently teaching online in meeting proficiency in all National Standards for Quality Online Teaching as well as the Vermont Online Teaching Specialist endorsement.  This program requires that you are teaching at least one fully online course to K-12 students during the entire time you are taking the program.   The program starts with Experiential Portfolio in Online Teaching in which participants review their online program through the lens of the NSQ standards for Online Programs and Online Courses and reflect on the role of the online teacher while considering best practices in communication, assessment, data review, and tech tools.  In Bridge the Gap to Online Teaching we continue the conversation and look at ways to support online students including assisting them in increasing their agency and improving their skills as a learner.   During the entire program you will participate in Applied Practicum to Online Teaching in which you will teach your online courses and participate in discussions and reflections of your practice under the supervision of an experienced online teacher.


Course Details

PD Hours: 135

Program Length: 36 Weeks

Course Delivery: Facilitated Online

Tuition and Costs