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This course will allow participants to practice and master the skills they have learned in both Methods classes by using them. Participants will be paired with a cooperating teacher licensed and working online in the area of the participant’s endorsement. Participants will prepare, initiate, and deploy online learning for students. Participants will provide online instruction to a diverse population of online students. Participants will provide support and feedback to online students. Participants will deploy assessments and use them to assess student learning and academic honesty, develop appropriate feedback to students that supports improvement of student performance and mastery, and helps inform future instruction. Participants reflect upon their experience and review feedback from their Cooperating Teaching to help improve their practice.

Course Details

PD Hours: 60

Course Length: 14 weeks

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Course Delivery: Facilitated Online

Facilitator (if applicable): TBD

Price: $Please see NEOTI.org for current pricing.