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This course is designed to introduce participants to foundational skills and information that will give them a broad overview of the methodology of online  teaching. It provides an exploration of the history and  standards that have helped develop the field, reviews the available research on best practices of effective online instruction, and explores current theories on online teaching. Participants will explore best practices in making connections with students, establishing clear expectations, and delivering timely feedback through various  modes  of  communication. Participates  will  be  exposed  to  best  practices  in   helping  diverse  populations  access  online  learning,  including  both  those students with different learning styles  as  well  as  special  needs. Participants will gain an initial understanding of how best to design, develop, and implement online assessments.    Participants will learn about safe, legal and ethical use of technology for both themselves and their students.    Finally, participants will develop skills to help them telecommute effectively while learning how to prioritize and managing their time.

Course Details

PD Hours: 45

Course Length: 10 weeks

Course Delivery: Facilitated Online

Facilitator (if applicable): Terri Vest

Price: Please see NEOTI.org for current pricing.